The 3 Apps That Saved My Business!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

These are the top three apps that I CANNOT live without! And you guys, when it comes to your business there is no messing around!

Over time I've definitely learned how to time manage, which is another post for another day, but when it comes to running your business, you want to make sure that the tools you use are feeding you more than you feed them.

You need to "feed and prepare the beast," or rather, make sure that your business has the tools to self sustain when you're MIA. Which, if you're like me, tends to happen because, heck, you like making a nice dinner.

What? Lex, no, there is no time for cooking when you have posts to make and captions to write and stories to feed the social media beast.

My friend, I value my time more than anything else, especially when it comes to time with my family.

So, if you're wanting to free up time, and allow yourself to do what you LOVE doing and stop doing what you feel like you have to do- keep reading!

If you enjoy wasting time, and doing the same tasks everyday, "Carry on my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done..."

- Kansas.

Haha! Alrighty here we go.

1. HoneyBook!

I literally would've died without them. 100%

Here's what I love about HoneyBook. It compiles your saved templates of contracts and invoices, makes proposals super easy to deliver to clients. It keeps everything organized for you, and lets you send emails to your clients from the site so you can see every conversation you've had with each client.

If there's one thing you do for your business, invest in HoneyBook. It's particularly helpful for freelancers such as photographers, and models, basically any service oriented job.

I would never sell you anything that isn't AMAZING. What's in your best interest is my TOP priority.

So if you're wanting to try it out for half *yes half* the price, here's my

promo code!

2. Planoly

My babe. I love Planoly because I hate posting haha.

Planoly is a post scheduling app, and it is beautiful. You can easily lay out and schedule 30 instagram posts straight from the app. You can pre-caption every post, crop, tag, and hashtag all at once.

The best thing ever is getting that little notification "your post has been uploaded to Instagram..." like YAS! Get those posts scheduled and then relax, no need to worry about what your feed will look like or if you'll be particularly inspired that day.

3. Canva

Canva's just awesome.

I love that I can quickly draft up instagram stories and then make simple edits, all while keeping the same template and branding consistency. There are so many different templates that you can use, in fact, ALL my freebies were created in Canva! Voila! Go check them out!

And there you have it!

The three apps that saved my business!

It's overwhelming when the world demands you to be everything under the moon in order to successful, but I hope to show you that you don't have to be everything!

By knocking out the most mundane tasks, you free up a lot of time to do whatever you want!

And trust me, that Coq Au Vin dinner is gonna taste gooooood.

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