You Need to Change These 4 features on Your Camera!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

These 4 things will blow your mind! The difference they make are incomparable! So hop on it!

01. Adobe RGB

Little did you know, there are many different color codes that you can set your camera to. Make sure that you switch that to Adobe RGB to allow your camera to record as much color as possible! That way, in editing you can have a full range to work with.

02. RAW

The camera can record images in two formats- JPEG and RAW. JPEG is like the little sister to RAW. It only lets you capture a certain depth of color and in the end leaves your edits looking more intense and harder to work with.

Switch that over to RAW asap! This will let you have a deep range of colors as well, and is much more forgiving on edits. It's like drawing with the 200 set of color crayons instead of the standard 12.

03. Auto White Balance

This is a personal preference. I've genuinely found that the auto white balance does a better job at picking up colors than the list of 5 options can. There will be options of shooting in clouds, direct sun, indoor lighting, etc.

Some people assume that going off "auto" in all aspects is what makes you professional. Meh. I don't agree, but I do think that if your camera gear is getting in the way your art, then you have an issue.

Choosing auto white balance is a way I like to recommend simplifying the shooting process and staying in the moment!

04. Frame

You can change the frame from the menu on your camera. For video it's usually a 16:9 ratio, for full frame cameras you'll want your camera selected at full frame, and from there you can do many different stylistic choices.

I like to play around with using a square image frame to give a more snapshot look to my images! Make sure to check what frame you're shooting in once you change it so that you don't forget!

You've done it!!

These 4 changes are key!

You just worked through another blog post! Pat on the BACK! These tips and tricks are things that I've learned over years of work.

My goal? Simple: gift to you what I wish someone had gifted to me.

It's hard to pave the way, and it's even harder to learn from mistakes, but I'm here, rose lemonade in hand, ready to give!

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